Rêve by Magaly is committed to supporting and empowering women in the communities where they live and work.  Magaly's passion is in helping women of all walks of life to achieve their dreams (leur rêves) whether by obtaining a fresh start for those who have faced abuse or neglect, getting critical medical treatment for women and girls in underprivileged countries, or helping women right here at home succeed in the business world. 


Magaly is actively involved in two prominent organizations dedicated to helping women and has committed a percentage of the proceeds of her jewelry line to improving women’s lives women through these organizations.


Fresh Start Women's Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping ensure every woman has the chance she deserves at a bright, safe future where she and her family can thrive. 



Magaly is also a long-time Board Member and Goodwill Ambassador for Project Cure. Project C.U.R.E is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment in the world. Magaly has dedicated extraordinary time and resources to Project Cure’s mission of helping provide medical supplies to clinics serving women and girls in underprivileged countries.


A portion of every sale of Rêve by Magaly will be donated to at least one of these organizations to further their missions and affect change in a big way! One piece at a time women can shop her beautiful line with a purpose.